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UMMoodle is upgraded to newer version successfully

UMMoodle is upgraded to newer version successfully

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We are glad to inform you that UMMoodle is upgraded to newer version successfully with great enhancement and new features. This upgrade also includes the security updates, performance improvements and bug fixes.

Some of the major new features and enhancements are highlighted as below:

UMMoodle - Moodle 3.9

  • Dashboard and Course Overview overhaul
The course overview dashboard has a new layout. New sorting and grouping functions provide a better user experience in locating desired courses. Users can now view courses in different formats, sort and filter courses based on the course status.

  • Activity chooser overhaul
Activity chooser has a new layout. Icons are bigger. Filter functions are available. Users can now easier locate, star and, filter activities and resources.
  • H5P integration
H5P is an abbreviation for HTML5 Package. It allows teachers to create interactive videos, quizzes, and presentations. Teachers can add H5P to courses as an activity or embedded into any other activity or resource. With H5P, teachers can create highly interactive teaching materials without any coding under UMMoodle . To learn more about H5P available content types and their effects, please visit:


Some example of H5P questions:
Fill in the blanks

Drag and drop

Find the words

  • Improved participants page filtering

A new filtering function is available on the course participants page. It offers more options for searching the list of enrolled users on Moodle courses. Enrolled users can be filtered by using "Keywords", "Status", "Roles", "Groups" etc.


We constantly update and maintain ICTO's computing systems. If you have any comments or inquiries, please feel free to contact our Help Desk.

ICTO Help Desk
Location : Room 2085, 2/F, Central Teaching Building (E5)
Telephone : 8822 8600
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