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New UMMoolde plugins and features in August

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New UMMoolde plugins and features in August
by Admin, UMMoodle - Tuesday, 4 September 2018, 11:41 AM

We are glad to inform that ICTO had made the following updates or changes of UMMoodle in August:

  • Installation of new third party plugin - Word File Import/Export in Book. It is a tools of Book resource. It supports the import of content from a '.docx' format file into a book, with the content splitting into chapters and sub-chapters based on the heading styles. The imported file can either be created from Microsoft Word or LibreOffice. It also supports the export of books to Word format file for round-trip editing. (Please refer to the FAQ for the steps to use this plugin.)
  • Installation of new third party plugin - Word Select. It is a question type for Quiz activity which allows a teacher to create text where one or more words are indicated to be the correct answers. When the student selects one or more words as the correct answer, the system will automatically decide and marks will be given if it is correct (Please refer to Moodle document for more details about this question type).
  • Push notification of Moodle mobile app is activated on UMMoodle. The Moodle mobile app lets you keep up to date with all incidents that are happening in your courses and UMMoodle. The feature of push notification is activated recently. You can decide to receive different types of notification such as messages, forum posts, submitted assignments, etc. For more information, please visit "Can I use Moodle mobile app?" and "How to enable push notification in Moodle mobile app?".
  • Default Text Editor on UMMoodle is change from "TinyMCE" to "Atto" due to the incompatible issue of using TinyMCE on iPhone devices.

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